Volts Energy Limited is working on a 2GW Wind Farm Project in Uzbekistan


On June 2ⁿᵈ, the engineering company Volts Energy Limited won a tender from the renewable energy integration company Masdar to develop a power output scheme for connecting a 2GW wind farm in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In December 2023, "Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company – Masdar" signed an agreement with the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Investments, Industry, and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan to develop a large-scale 2GW wind energy project in Uzbekistan. The work is being carried out under the "Grid Study for the Wind project in Uzbekistan" initiative.

By 2030, Uzbekistan plans to increase wind generation capacity to 5GW. As part of the global energy transition program, Volts Energy Limited will actively participate in the successful integration of this large-scale project and has already begun implementing the contract.

"Over the past year, Volts Energy has been actively developing business relationships in the CIS countries, focusing on the markets of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. We have reliable partners in the local market, and our cooperation with them, combined with our engineering expertise, will allow us to execute the power output scheme at a high level, adhering to all current legal requirements," explained Volts Energy CEO Evgenii Smyk.