VOLTS Energy Limited has completed the design of the power system control center


On March 18, 2024, VOLTS Energy Limited, a provider of power engineering services, low carbon solutions, and advanced energy technologies, completed the design of a Microgrid Power Control Center (MPCC) for Masdar, the largest renewable energy integrator in the UAE.

VOLTS Energy Limited designed the Microgrid Power Control Center for the power supply system of an off-grid city in a Middle Eastern country. The power supply is provided by a 20 MW solar plant, a 24 MW wind farm, a 20 MW diesel plant and a 10 MWh lithium-ion battery storage system.

The main objective of Microgrid PCC is to maintain a capacity balance between power generating sources, control voltage quality and increase the share of renewable energy utilization. Despite the fact that there is a diesel station in the power supply system, its participation in the generation process is minimal compared to the use of renewable energy sources.

VOLTS Energy Limited CEO Evgenii Smyk noted:

“As an energy and low carbon solutions engineering company, we are pleased to combine our competencies of a research institute with our key partner Masdar to increase access to sustainable energy in developing countries. The implementation of the Microgrid project not only modernizes infrastructure but also provides access to reliable and clean energy. We believe that such efforts can be the key to achieving sustainable development and improving the quality of life in this region.”

The project design took into account the subsequent increase in electricity consumption and also provided for the possibility of connecting the facility to the central power grid.