Volts Energy Founder Artem Denisov Takes Part in Uzbekistan Energy Forum 2024


On May 14-15, 2024, energy leaders converged in Tashkent for the Uzbekistan Energy Forum. As part of a discussion on strategies and technologies for modernizing and diversifying energy systems, Artem Denisov, founder of Volts Energy, delivered a presentation titled “Energy Mix: The Optimum Point – Experience of Integrating Renewable Energy, Energy Storage Systems, Electric Transport, and Smart Systems in Grids and Isolated Networks.”

During his speech, Volt’s Energy Limited founder emphasized that Uzbekistan is a great example of an open and diversified national policy, where new players can easily enter the innovative market of renewable energy. He also shed light on cases of the development of an e-mobility strategy in Azerbaijan, which, in turn, remains an active project of Volts Energy.

Here are some key points from the presentation:

  • The combination of technology advancements, along with widely used financial and investment tools, makes it feasible to increase electrical capacities and make them more accessible. Moreover, such an increase is essential for economic growth.
  • The new technological landscape requires a different approach to designing and managing energy systems. This includes adopting a network architecture comprised of flexible, decentralized, and partially autonomous subsystems.
  • The implementation of smart management solutions for renewable energy generation and storage enables addressing network-level challenges. It also facilitates the integration of e-mobility technologies and ensures remote consumers have reliable and accessible energy.